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that astrology sex book might actually have some truth to it which is really strange; although i cant free myself from my own personal biases enough to tell completely and rationally.
also, i think im extremely neurotic, and that i incessantly worry over things that aren't real, not like actually crazy voices in my head sort of stuff, i mean that i overly dramaticize things and over analyze things too much too often, and it is a serious problem. i truly do get by with a little help from my friends. "just chill out, bro. it'll be alright."
i really try to not think about it at all, to not pity myself at all, and really to act like its not real at all, that its not that big of a deal, c'mon man you're so well off. but, i know that im a fucked up person and always will be. "is she tyler amounts of fucked up?" "no i dont think its that bad" (paraphrasing) during the podcast was so funny, but yeah, i am pretty fucked. 
just wanted to say a quick thanks to you guys, and for this livejournal being a thing. i love you and i love it. it helps to write it all out. not too much, but enough. you guys know what im talking about.


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