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The sum of all fears
kookus, love, dnd

thanks for the title, christian. fits quite aptly.
the worst day ive had in 2 years. actually, probably longer than that.
all i can do now is go see my grandfather, and hope. feels so helpless, but at least its not hopeless. he is fighting.
the other dilemma just compounded on the already increasing crisis. it pushed me over the edge, but i think i needed that, badly.
stress brings the truly important problems in your life to light, always. what a wake up call.
you know, i had the premonition that something like that was coming; she was too eerily similar to the bird. i just didnt know that it would come so soon, that the wording would be the exact same.
my life felt like a bad sitcom, again. the truman show.
the silver lining is in that, now i know, now i understand the true root of these feelings, these pains.

only yourself

feels more comforting than lonely, now.
have to be stronger than ever, now.


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